Rent space to train and build your business with us

If you’re a personal trainer and you’re looking for a space to train your clients you can rent our pods, they’re available 24 hours a day. Pay as you go to enable you to build your business without excessive rental fees. Use our space for content creation, and build your brand.

Better for Personal Trainers

We understand that most gyms don’t fully cater for personal trainers, and cause them some problems. Here are the most common problems and how Warehouse Fitness is different.

Common Problems

Our Solutions

Paying expensive Rent and/or coaching gym classes for free to enable PT’s to coach their own clients

Only pay for the time you need, no commitment to train other classes.

Busy Gyms meaning that elements of the session plan cannot be completed because the equipment needed is in use

When you rent from us you will be assigned a pod, with it’s own equipment, so there is no need to wait.

PT clients want to train with the PT but do not want to also purchase a membership to the gym where the PT is based.

No need for your client to purchase an expensive membership that they won’t use.

Cannot build own brand because PT has to wear the gym’s uniform

Wear whatever you like! There are no restrictions on what you wear, branded uniform is welcome.

Exhaustion from having to work so many hours to cover high rent

You control the hours you work, so no more exhaustion

Want to PT alongside a full time job in another profession but do not want to pay high gym rents

No high rates to pay. We are flexible, so you’re only paying for what you need.

Difficulty in carrying equipment between clients if mobile

All of the equipment is ready to use, so loading or unloading. You are assigned your pod for the hour you book so you will not have to wait for any equipment.

Gym Equipment

When you hire our pods you can use all of our equipment. This is really great value, and it’s so much easier than taking your own gym equipment to a clients home or a park to train. We have:

gym equipment

Dumbbells (in pairs)

1 x 20KG
1 x 17.5KG
1 x 15KG
1 x 12.5KG
3 x 10KG
6 x 7.5KG
5x 5KG
3 x 3KG

gyme equipment kettlebells

Kettlebells (in pairs)

1 x 6KG
2x 8KG
2 x 10KG
2 x 12KG
1 x 14KG
1 x 16KG
2 x 20KG
1 x 24KG

gym studio pods

Squat Racks (Pods)

We have three squat racks, all have:

2 x 25KG plate
2 x 15KG plates
2 x 10KG plates
2 x 5KG plates
2 x 2.5KG plates
2 x 1.25KG plates

Pods 1 and 3 have a 15Kg Bar and Pod 2 has a 20Kg Bar.

gym equipment excersise balls

Extra Equipment

Wall Balls

1 x 10KG
1 x 6KG
1 x 5KG
1 x 3KG

D Balls

2 x 10KG
2 x 20KG
1 x 25KG

Hip Thrust Bench/Pad
Body pump bar

gym excersise machines

Cardio Equipment

2 x Concept 2 Ski Erg
3 x Rogue Echo Bike
1 x Concept 2 Rowing Machine

excersise equipment


3 x Plyometric Box
1 x Battle Ropes
Resistance Bands

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