PT Studio Hire License Agreement between Warehouse Fitness & ___________________ who will be Personal Training within Warehouse Fitness’ Private PT Studio

The Personal Trainer__________________wishes to pay an hourly rental charge to hire Warehouse Fitness PT Studio so that they can provide their personal training services to their own clients.

PT – means the personal trainer from which this agreement has been assigned to and signed by.

Session – An hour’s studio rental

Warehouse Fitness – Managed & Owned by Sole Trader Millie Smith

Rights Granted:

  • Warehouse Fitness grants the PT permission and access to operate their PT Sessions within the PT Studio
  • The PT does not have the right to allow any other PT to operate their business within Warehouse Fitness
  • This agreement applies to the PT within this agreement only.
  • The PT does not have the right to allow their client to train within Warehouse Fitness outside of the PT session
  • The PT is not permitted to leave their client alone on the premises. At the beginning of the session the client should be collected from the car park. At the end of the session the client should be escorted back to the car park
  • Term: There is no fixed term for this agreement. The agreement will continue until either the PT wishes to leave or Warehouse Fitness choose to end this agreement.
  • Warehouse Fitness reserves the right to make changes to this agreement at any time.
  • This agreement is a license to hire agreement and is not intended to create anything other than a hire period on an hourly basis for a temporary period of time

Responsibilities and Expectations:

  • PT sessions are to start and finish promptly at the scheduled time. Please ensure that the Studio is vacated at the end of the session in a timely fashion ready for the next personal trainer.
  • The PT must not share access details with anyone.
  • Warehouse Fitness agrees to maintain the PT studio. However the Studio must be risk assessed by the PT prior to starting the session. It is the PT’s duty to check all equipment is in sound working order prior to the start of the session and to report any faults in equipment to the Millie Smith. If the PT notices any equipment becomes damaged, dangerous or unusable/unsafe for continued use then the PT must take it out of action for the safety of your client and notify Millie Smith via text message
  • If the PT has any useful feedback or suggestions for the improvement of the studio or operational systems of running the studio then the PT’s feedback will be very welcome.
  • All Studio equipment remains the property of Warehouse Fitness
  • No equipment (that doesn’t belong to Warehouse Fitness) should be left at Warehouse Fitness, if a PT wishes to bring their own equipment for a session they should take this home with them after the session.
  • The PT will be responsible for their client whilst they are training them within the Warehouse Fitness studio and make sure that their client follows the gym rules and adheres to any fire/ emergency procedures.
  • The PT should wipe down equipment after use with the wipes provided and will be expected to keep the studio clean and tidy. The PT is also responsible for their client maintaining clean standards. The PT is expected to follow the studio tidiness guidelines so that they leave the studio tidy after use.
  • The PT client or PT is not permitted to use Warehouse Fitness facilities before or after the session.
  • The PT is responsible for their client’s safety & welfare. The PT is responsible for ensuring they have the relevant First Aid Qualifications and should be aware that there is not a First Aider on site. Warehouse Fitness or Mammoth Self Storage will not be held responsible for any injuries/accidents which occur as a result of the PT session being delivered.
  • All equipment must be returned to it’s rightful place and any rubbish must be disposed of by the PT. The tidy procedures must be followed so that the next trainer and client can enjoy the same experience. Here are some examples of how to keep the studio tidy:
    o Dumbbells in order
    o DBalls in order on rack provided (numbers facing forwards)
    o Plates put back in the correct position (In weight order)
    o Boxes returned
    o Kettlebells returned in weight order
    o All rubbish must be put in the bin provided.
  • The lights and speaker MUST BE turned off after use. The unit must be locked with the padlock provided. The doors to the Warehouse must remain shut
  • Studio booking is on a First Come First Serve basis.
  • The PT is expected to cancel any sessions that they cannot attend giving as much advanced notice as possible to Millie. If less than 24 Hours Notice is provided you will be charged the full cost of £10 Per hour booked.
  • PPL Music Licensing is the PT’s responsibility.
  • If more than one PT in studio at anyone time, person who books the space first has priority on playing the music.

Warehouse Fitness Initial Obligations:

  • Warehouse Fitness will ensure that the instructor is shown how to use the sound system & lights
  • Point out Emergency Exits

Warehouse Fitness’ Continued Obligations:

  • To provide the PT with the use of the Warehouse Fitness PT Studio to train their client.
  • Warehouse Fitness reserves the right to close the studio at any time due to unforeseen circumstances and will not be liable for any loss of earnings.
  • To keep the studio in a clean and professional working standard.
  • To listen to the PT’s feedback and where considered appropriate act upon this feedback.

PT’s Initial Obligations:

  • The PT provides a copy of their Public Liability Insurance
  • To provide a Utility Bill or Bank Statement
  • To provide a copy of Driving License or Passport
  • The PT completes Direct Debit form
  • The PT will be pay a £150 Security Deposit which will be returned when they stop renting the unit
  • The PT will pay £10.00 Per Hour of Studio Rental which will be collected from the PT’s account in weekly arrears.
  • The PT is paying for one hours’ studio rental at a time and must start and be finished on time. A late exit fee equivalent to One Hour (£10) will be charged if you over run.
  • The PT is limited to coaching 1 client in the PT Studio at any one time
  • If there are insufficient funds in the PT’s bank account for Warehouse Fitness to take, a payment of £7.50 as a Late Payment Fee will be added.
  • If payment cannot be taken after 14 days Warehouse Fitness may terminate this agreement without further notice.
  • To Wipe down the equipment used with the wipes provided
  • The PT will leave the PT Studio exactly how they found it (weights in the correct order and in the correct places) & will ensure both themselves and their client have clean shoes on before entering. There will be a £15 cleaning/tidying fee if these rules are breached.


I Agree to be bound by the conditions of this agreement

Personal Trainer

On Behalf of Warehouse Fitness (Millie Smith)