gym equipment

Gym Equipment

When you hire our pods you can use all of our equipment. This is really great value, and it’s so much easier than taking your own gym equipment to a clients home or a park to train. We have:

gym equipment

Dumbbells (in pairs)

1 x 20KG
1 x 17.5KG
1 x 15KG
1 x 12.5KG
3 x 10KG
6 x 7.5KG
5x 5KG
3 x 3KG

gym equipment

Kettlebells (in pairs)

1 x 6KG
2x 8KG
2 x 10KG
2 x 12KG
1 x 14KG
1 x 16KG
2 x 20KG
1 x 24KG

gym equipment

Squat Racks (Pods)

We have three squat racks, all have:

2 x 25KG plate
2 x 15KG plates
2 x 10KG plates
2 x 5KG plates
2 x 2.5KG plates
2 x 1.25KG plates

Pods 1 and 3 have a 15Kg Bar and Pod 2 has a 20Kg Bar.

Extra Equipment

Wall Balls

1 x 10KG
1 x 6KG
1 x 5KG
1 x 3KG

D Balls

2 x 10KG
2 x 20KG
1 x 25KG

Hip Thrust Bench/Pad
Body pump bar

Cardio Equipment

2 x Concept 2 Ski Erg
3 x Rogue Echo Bike


4 x Plyometric Box
1 x Battle Ropes
Resistance Bands