Emily personal trainer

Hi! I’m Emily

When I’m not coaching ‘Lift Off’ (weightlifting classes) down at the warehouse, you’ll find me deadlifting there myself.

I didn’t grow up active and had almost resigned myself to being one of those people who just didn’t enjoy exercise BUT after spending most of my 20s partying lots and exercising very little, I decided to go to my first fitness class in April 2019 and, from there, my love affair with fitness took flight! I’m now passionate about helping those who are exactly where I once was – wanting to make a change but perhaps new to fitness, scared of taking the first step and feeling a little bit lost. I want to provide a safe and inclusive space for anyone who wants to take that step. I promise lots of support, zero judgement and hopefully lots of laughter along the way!

Exercise had such a profound impact on my life, both mentally and physically, so I’d love to be able to show others what they are truly capable of, regardless of their starting point. I’m also currently working towards a further qualification to support those living with long term conditions to ensure I’m offering the best and most supportive services that I can.

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